Packard-Ideal Shutters are ideally suited for use with barrel lenses of every size. All Packard-Ideal Shutters are constructed to highest standards and experience accumulated from many years of service to the photo industry. Heavy brass bushings, the original and dependable black matte blades, and rugged metal construction with black matte finish all contribute to a reliable and durable product.

Handcrafted in the USA of the highest quality components, Packard-Ideal Shutters are available in standard opening sizes from 1½” to 8”. Options include a variety of blade materials, horizontal or variable orientation operation, reverse operation, and sensor switches. Custom design inquiries are welcome, please feel free to contact the factory with your specific needs.

Jon Gilchrist, President, Packard-Ideal Shutter Company

No. 5

For Time Exposures

The No. 5 shutter is ideal for Wet Plate and Alternative Processes that require long exposure times. It has the latest mechanism and its dimensions are square with a large center opening. It is especially adaptable for cameras with a small front board. Simply constructed with few moving parts, its action is fast, easy and smooth without excessive noise or vibration. Ruggedly constructed and finished in black with black matte opaque blades and improved heavy-duty brass bushings. Also widely used on industrial, scientific, and commercial equipment. Available in sizes from 1.5″ to 8″.


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No. 6

Time and Instantaneous Exposures

The No. 6 shutter for timed or instantaneous exposures offers versatility unavailable anywhere else. Designed with the dependable Packard-Ideal mechanics, it has a very large opening centered in a square compact case. It is especially adaptable for cameras with a small front board. Three blades of rigid black matte opaque material are light-tight at all times, its action is fast and smooth without excessive noise or vibration.

The No. 6 is changed from time to instantaneous exposures by simply pushing in a small pin on the outside of the shutter to engage the built-in instantaneous mechanism. Requires no setting, works automatically resetting itself after each exposure. Available with synchro connection for use with studio lighting, strobes, and other off-camera lights. Instantaneous mode has a duration of approximately 1/25th to 1/50th of a second, depending on how aggressively the bulb is squeezed.

Air Fittings

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Electric Shutters

No. 5 shutters are available with Electric operation. Solenoids of 12vdc, 24vdc, or 120 vac Continuous or Intermittent Duty are available depending on customer requirements. Most models (except the very small) may have a synchro-switch installed for triggering external lights or for feedback systems. Installation may be vertical or horizontal. Electric Shutters are widely used for copy cameras, enlargers, projectors, etc. All Packard-Ideal Electric Shutters are custom made to customer’s specifications.

Electric Operation on a No. 6 Shutter may be possible, please contact the factory.

Everything Together

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Please Call for exact dimensions

Inside Diameter
Opening Inches
Overall Size
sq. inches
No. 5No. 6No. 6

Shutters are available in sizes from 1.5″ to 8″ and beyond.
For shutters larger than 5″, please consult the factory for pricing and delivery.

Complete Kits

SizeNo. 5 Kit CompleteNo. 6 Kit CompleteSynchro Kit Complete


Accessory Pricing​

4′ Bulb/Tube/Fitting bundle$42
Bulb alone$16.50
Fitting alone$14.50
4’ Tubing (2,50 per foot)$11
#6 Pin w/screws$32
Extra Synch cord$23
.25” Lensboard air fitting w/hardware$22.50
.75”  Lensboard air fitting w/hardware (Out of Stock)$28
1.25” Lensboard air fitting w/hardware (Out of Stock)$33
Internal tubing/clamp kit$10.75



#  The #6 pin is sold separate from the shutter.

#  Special mods could include:

  • Reverse operation
  • Sensing switches for full open or closed
  • #6 operation on an electric
  • Upside down and horizontal applications

#  Standard Lead Time is 6 weeks from receipt of payment. Expediting and Rush orders will incur additional fees.

#  All Custom work requires separate R&D time, Engineering Fees will apply to all mods.

Repair and Refurbishment Service

Have an old Packard-Ideal Shutter than needs some love? Or even a similar non-Packard shutter that has seen better days? Packard-Ideal Shutter Company offers repair and refurbishment service for vintage shutters of many types. We offer repair and refurbishment service for vintage shutters including Packard, Low, Ilex, Anthony, and others. If you’re not sure, feel free to contact us with pictures and we can let you know if it’s something we can work on. We charge $75 for a Repair/Refurb Assessment and will apply that to the repair/refurb cost if you choose to have the shutter serviced.

Once you select the Repair/Refurb Assessment item and checkout, carefully pack your shutter in a box and ship it to Packard-Ideal Shutter Company, PO Box 6603, South Bend, IN 46660. Be sure to mark the order number on the box somewhere. We use a PO Box so there is always someone to receive the package and there is no risk of loading dock theft. When we receive the shutter we will unpack the shutter and open it up to analyze what is required to either repair the failure condition or refurbish the shutter to like-new condition. When this determination has been made, we will send you a quotation for repair or full refurbishment. You can then decide if you wish to have the shutter repaired or not. If you choose to repair, we will apply the $75 assessment fee to the repair cost. If you choose not to repair, we will ship the unrepaired shutter back to you.

Shipping Terms and Conditions

Packard-Ideal Shutters are individually built-to-order in the USA, each shutter is hand crafted and adjusted much like they were first made back in 1885. Standard lead time from receipt of order to shipment is 6 weeks. Expedited and Rush service is available for an additional fee, please contact the factory for more information. The 6-week lead time does not include shipping transit times. Bulb/Tube/Fitting kits and most accessories ship from stock, often the same day as the order is received but sometimes it may take 2-3 days depending on outside factors (the weather in Indiana can be fickle!).

Shipping for shutters is via USPS using Flat Rate shipping boxes and Priority shipping. All shipments are insured and may require Signature Confirmation. When ordered without a shutter, Bulb/Tube/Fitting kits and most accessories will ship via USPS Priority Mail, First Class, or Parcel Post in standard shipping materials.

Shipping via other carriers, such as UPS or FedEx, is available. Please contact the factory if you wish to use an alternate carrier or have your own shipping account charged.

International shipping is available. Packard-Ideal Shutter Company ships worldwide. Shipping charges for International Shipping vary depending on the destination. Please contact the factory for International shipments and we can help determine the best shipping method.

You may contact us through email (best method) or via voice at 1-574-400-5409. Please leave a message if we don’t answer and we’ll call back. The volume of spam calls we get is staggering and it wastes everyone’s time answering the phone to silence or scams.

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